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The way Lupa Fashion House introduces shearling takes a new face through reversible techniques, encrustations, hand painted shearling appliqu├ęs, raw edge cuts and spiral fur trims, bringing it to the point of interpreting shearling as a fabric.

Lupa's unique shearling items aren't restricted to coats, but extend to the whole outstanding wardrobe, including jackets, pullovers, vests, hats, mitts, bags and adornments with the privilege to personalize every single element of it.

Using the best featherweight skins in kaleidoscope of colours Lupa Fashion House yearly creates single collection of numbered shearling pieces, cut and assembled entirely by hand in Toronto, for ladies, man, kids and pets, that combine glamour, grace, style and warmth while achieving versatility.

Armed with PhD in Science of Materials (Textile), Lupa's lead designer in collaboration with master tailor and craftsmen work wonders unique in style and art sure to turn heads wherever you go.

Our shearlings are art works intended to be worn.

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