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This sexy, miniature, first-ever spherical shearling bag comes in an array of vivid colours.
Timeless and ultra-luxurious, Citron became the icon of Lupa Fashion House


Mark this in your journal.
This fine shearling car jacket that conforms to the body, is hitting at full throttle : in black and silver power color combo, best for commanding style.
Always ready for adventures.

Green Citron Hand Bag
Blue Citron hand bag
Blue Citron purse
Black men's car jacket Commander
Black Shearling Car Jacket Commander
Musculine shearling car jacket Commander
A Bundle from Heaven

Unique workshop for moms, moms to be and for anyone who needs a great handmade gift for a baby. Over  this workshop you will learn from a world-known designer.
In a very short time you will  start sewing from the very beginning and create a one-of-a-kind complete set of smart attire for a newborn or little baby.

Hurry up!  Only 2 workshops will  open this year!

Saturdays Workshop

Length: 4 weeks x 3 hours
Dates and times:
Oct 13, Sat,  12pm - 3pm
Oct 20, Sat,  12pm - 3pm
Oct 27, Sat,  12pm - 3pm
Nov 3,  Sat,   12pm - 3pm
Tuesdays Workshop
Length: 4 weeks x 3 hours
Dates and times:
Oct 16, Tue, 6pm - 9pm
Oct 23, Tue, 6pm - 9pm
Oct 30, Tue, 6pm - 9pm
Nov 6,  Tue, 6pm - 9pm
to register at
or email your  contact information to
This year
:  You will receive the real-size patterns  of the outfits you sew for
Surprise your pregnant sister, daughter or friend  - our workshops are also available as a
gift certificate

Amazing gift for first five registrants!

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