Lupa Fashion House, the only Canadian Fashion House of shearlings, specializes in creating unique shearling products based on one-of-a-kind design and made entirely by hands.

Fasion House

Lupa Fashion House of Shearling

Although Lupa Fashion House yearly produces single collection of several lines for its Boutique, Lupa's Atelier creates most exquisite single pieces, designed and made to measure for one person only.

All Lupa's lust worthy natural products are manufactured in Toronto, Canada, under Registered Trade Mark "LUSTA", creating only the best for those who demand the best.

Its tenth anniversary Lupa Fashion House celebrated with the opening of the Fashion Mansion ™  in one of the oldest and famous places in Toronto. 

Alaska long mens shearlng coat with belt
Caveman Warrior sheepskin pullover
Savanna sheepskin jacket with exotic print crocco leather trim
Fortune teller ladies bohemian shearling vest with fur
Rhapsody - blue long shearling coat with fox fur for ladies
Little Princess girls hooded shearling coat in pale blue
Snow Leopard - sheepskin white winter coat with lamb leopard print and fur
Hunter - mens long brown coloured shearling jacket
Romeo - shearling jacket for dog
Kitty Bow handcrafted shearling bow for your cat, dog or other pet
Pretty  shearling attire jacket for dog or other pet
Intarcia two coloured (green and brown) shearling jacket and beret
Hunter and Rhapsody - mens and womens long shearling jacket and coat
Rime - reversible shearling jacket featuring combined brown and offwhite colours
Rime - reversible shearling coat in sky blue and white
La Boheme - shearling multicolor jacket with fur trim
La Boheme - shearling multicolor jacket with fur trim
Wild Strawberry lavender purple shearling jacket
La Boheme
Wild Strawberry
Sports-elegant sheepskin jacket with zippered closure and front patch pockets. Exotic print on shearling and "croco" leather trim.
Bohemian shearling vest with fur closure and Toscana trim for special ladies.
Custom made elegant long shearling coat with belt and patch pockets showing both sides of skin.
Front hand crafted buttons closure. Gentelmen prefer made-to-measure.
Pink panter reversible shearling coat with fur trim
Caveman Warrior

The Fashion Mansion™ hosts the Lupa's creative soul : the Boutique, the Atelier, Design Studio, haute couture workshop, private museum, library and the Club-House which was authentically recreated (by Veritas Homes) and is a truly masterpiece.

Unique multi-purpose sheepskin pullover with both sides of skin combination, hand painted shearling inserts and trim.
Reliable in harsh weather.
Reversible shearling coat with refined colours and texture combination, front zippered closure and Toscana trim.
Milady lilac sheepskin jacket
Joyous shearling jacket with Toscana  sleeves, collar and trim on front pockets.
Warm and comfy.
Sophisticated and seductive bolero style Toscana sheepskin jacket with shearling inserts that warms the body and the soul.
Girl's hooded shearling coat with Toscana fur trimmed hood and cuffs.
Just for princesses.
Close-fitting sheepskin winter coat with hood and front button closure, trimmed with Mongolian curly lamb. Leopard print on reverse.
Old school muse on new school way.
Long sheepskin jacket inspired by nature crafted in mixed skins and inserted panels. Toscana collar.
Milady lilac shearling bolero
Two-colour shearling jacket, hypnotic intarcia with striking details
and combination of both sides of skin.
Matching coquet shearling Intarcia beret completes the look
with confidence and grace.
Milady peach coloured bolero sheepskin jacket
Smart shearling jacket for dog with Toscana trim on collar and cuffs and zippered closure on the back.
Very pretty shearling attire with Toscana trim for small four-legged friends.
Ladies custom made long shearling coat of your dreams with fox fur closure, collar and cuffs.
Exquisite shearling coat with refined colours and texture combination. Toscana trim. Reversible in spectacular way transforming look beyond recognition.
Fitted shearling coat with Toscana collar and cuffs, hand made buckles front closure. The elegant way to get ahead of the cold.
Kitty Bow
shearling bow
with metal brooch.
Misty Lavender - shearling waistcoat with matching Toscana scarf
Vivid shearling jacket showing both sides of disstressed skin. Front zipper closure. Hand made buckle on the collar. Matching hat Edda with Toscana trim increases the charm.
Randez Vous and Wild-Strawberry shearling jackets with Toscana sleeces, hood, hem trim
Crimson Spell red shearling coat with fur collar
Crimson Spell
Toscana shearling waistcoat with inserted panels of printed shearling and bow-strings front closure. Matching Toscana scarf crafted in the same key to slip on. Beautiful additions to any attire.
Hooded scarlet shearling jacket with fur closure and Toscana sleeves, hood and hem trim.
Fire on the Snow red shearling fur jacket with matching hat
Featherweight shearling jacket, playful yet elegant, with dual colour combination. Intricate print and spiral fur trim. Sheapskin bliss.
Joyous shearling jacket with Toscana  sleeves, collar and trim on front pockets. Warm and comfy.
Wild Strawberry
Fire on the Snow
Pink Panther
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