Healing Shearling

Fasion House

Nothing can be better than natural shearling (sheepskin) attire in freezing weather of harsh winter. Not only sheepskin is very beautiful natural material, but it is also the


: it doesn't generate electrostatic charges in contrast to synthetic.
It is hard to "survive" in synthetic at 30 degrees of frost while fibres become glassy.
You need no to suffer. The one thing you should do is to put on Lupa's sheepskin outerwear and to feel the difference.

For our stylish customers sensitive to cold or discomfort, Lupa offers exquisite shearling collection of therapeutic accessories including heel, foot and elbow protectors and pads, sheepskin mocs, shearling scuff slippers, open toe shearling boots, shearling insoles and slippers with adjustable closure.

healthy sheepskin girdle

The novelty of Special Purpose Collection is custom made sheepskin girdle - so pretty and elegant, it would be a shame to keep it hidden.